Online Store

**** Important note about online shopping ****

Unlike other internet pharmacies you may be used to, medications ordered off our website are completely backed by the manufacturer. Many other internet pharmacies use "back door" approaches to obtaining medication cheaper, often using expired product, products obtained from other countries, etc. All of the guarantees as to effectiveness that the manufacturers offer are void unless purchased through a veterinarian hospital or their website. This is a manufacturer policy, no matter what another internet pharmacy may claim. This is because, according to the World Health Organization, up to 10% of the medication worldwide is adulterated material, that can put your pet's health at risk. Many "internet pharmacies" that are still in business have been sued by the FDA, state pharmacy boards, and state medical boards for this reason. The number one recommendation made by the American Pharmacy Board is to "buy your medications from a reputable source". Lineberger Veterinary Hospital, and the product manufacturers, stand behind products purchased from this website just like you purchased them in the hospital. You can rest assured in the quality of your pets' medication whether you purchase it off this website or in our hospital.

***If you are concerned about the legitamacy of the product you purchase or the company you purchase it from, please feel free to our office for more details.***