Full Service Professional Pet Grooming

Lineberger Veterinary Hospital offers full service professional pet Grooming Monday thru Friday. Ashley Clark and Melanie Lambert, our professional groomers, personalize each grooming experience according to the owner and pet's individual needs. Grooms can range from a Bath, Brush, and Trim to a Full Body Clip. Each groom includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and a gland expression.

Every groom is personalized according to the pet's shape, size, and coat condition.

A Bath, Brush, and Trim consist of a simple face, feet, and sanitary trim. Our groomers trim the skirt, legs, and chest area.

A Full Body clip is a detailed haircut of the entire body. The hair is trimmed to the desired length. Each groom includes a bath with our veterinary exclusive hypo-allergenic and soap-free shampoo. During the bath the anal glands are expressed. The nails are trimmed and ground smooth and round with a dremmel so the quick is not damaged. Our groomers then pluck the ear hair to allow better air flow, reducing moisture to help prevent ear inflections. They then cleans the ears using water-based sweet pea and vanilla cleansing and drying solution.

For an additional charge our groomers can brush the pets teeth using an enzymatic toothpaste that helps break down tarter. Dogs and cats both enjoy the chicken flavor.

The Blueberry Facial Scrub is a gentle and tearless product that helps reduce the appearance of tear staining.

An application of Vectra 3D topical solution can be a applied for a monthly flea, tick, and mosquito preventive after the groom.

Grooming Offered

Monday - Friday

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